HDH Capital is an asset management company dedicated to manage discretionary mandates for its institutional and qualified high net worth clients.

HDH Capital is committed to unparalleled standard of excellence, a discipline investment process and uncompromised expectation on its professionals to deliver quantifiable results.

HDH interest is strongly aligned with those of our investors.

HDH Master Fund is an opportunistic multi-strategy fund dedicated to making investments in the Asia Pacific region including Japan.

The Fund focuses on identifying mispricing opportunities mainly as a result of certain catalysts such as M&A, spin-offs, restructuring, recapitalization, regulatory changes, etc.  The Fund also invests in companies and sectors that are deemed to be out-of-favor and undergo significant disruptive changes.  

The Fund invests across the capital structure ranging from equities, convertibles, credits and option derivatives.  The Fund employs both long and short strategies.

Federer tormented after his loss at the US Open.

Sampras had it right: The great ones do not surrender. They forge on, often with that commanding presence that once left the world in awe. Crowds flock to the occasion, more appreciative than ever. But it won't be quite the same. It can't be. Time is the ultimate opponent, always in character, never vanquished.

Djokovic vs. Federer, Wimbledon 2014 - "These are the critical moments a tennis player goes through in his own mind."  Djokovic said.  But what could he possibly have been thinking when Federer saved three more break points  - 11 of 15 overall - in the eighth game of the fifth set and had the audacity to come in behind a 98-mile-an-hour on the second serve on the last one?


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