Organizational Design

We strongly believe that our ultimate success lies in a careful design of an organization that closely matches our team's collective strengths and weaknesses.  

Our economies, our markets, our companies, our governments are intertwined and connected than ever before.  By having an organization that only focuses in one asset class, or a single country or sector, we would never truly have the ability to understand and assess the ultimate impacts of any events that occur at any place in the world at any one point in time.  That organization will always have a myopic view of the world, a compartmentalized structure that will always act as a follower in a trade, prone to errors and generate inferior risk/return outcome.  Our investment world is not cut into definable crisp planes where it can be explained in a few lines.

At HDH, we focus on building a multi-assets platform with a strong fundamental sector specialization and an angle to seek out catalyst-driven opportunities.  We design an organization to produce superior risk-adjusted return that is scalable, flexible, and long lasting.  A structure that is large enough to cope with today’s connected reality without losing the managerial control of the integrity of the investment process and without creating silos of internal wasteful competing forces.  A structure that will yield consistent result over a long period of time, small enough to adapt but large enough to be connected to all facets.

The investment management industry is no different than any competitive sports at the highest level.  To be able to perform at the top consistently requires years of preparation, aligning and realigning all the components in the team and the process to finally integrate all to produce the best performance possible and for the longest time possible.  While most observers focus on the natural ability of the player or in the case of investment funds, the skill set of the manager, we believe that the optimal design of an organization is the most critical utility that belies the firm’s success.

An organization design to an investment fund is like a racecar engine to the driver, the tennis racquet to the player, the shoes to the marathon runner, the putter to the golfer.  For each and everyone of these top professionals, every racquet, every engine, every pair of shoes and every golf clubs is individually crafted and customized to fit perfectly the profile of each player and the nature of the game.  We design our organization structure, custom made to fit the natural skill set of the manager and to adapt to constantly changing market environments and the connected world that we operate in.

One of the most common myths about tennis is one size fits all.  Manufacturers make racquet in only 4 or 5 grip sizes and usually in one shape.  The shape of the handle and the size of the grip determine the alignment of shoulder, arm and wrist and ultimately the swing. Because each player has an individual style of play, each racquet needs to be individualized for that player.  Believe it or not, there are about 67 steps to custom made a professional racquet.

One of the most common myths about the absolute return industry is that all funds are alike.  It is commonly taken for granted about the organizational structure of the firm with the automatic assumption that the investment strategy is the most and in most case the only factor that determines one’s success.  Far from the truth, there are no two funds that are the same.  For us, we have taken many painful steps through the years to put together an organization with a clear sense of purpose and leave nothing to chance.